About Us

Preferred Property Management is a full-service property management company. We strive to find ideal solutions for property owners and tenants in every situation.

Preferred Property Management Belief System

Whether an institutional or an individual private landlord, Preferred Property Management understands the need for practical solutions for landlord headaches.

Our formalized belief system outlines how we treat one another and how we conduct business. Below is what we call our MVVBP (Mission – Vision – Values – Beliefs – Perspectives) Statement


When we say “we’ll take care of it”, that’s the last an owner, tenant or agent will need to think about it.


To be the residential property management company of choice through systems, standards and communication. This leads to superior customer service, so that we may stand accountable to all stakeholders.


To choose to only be in business with people with high integrity.


Are in line with the Keller Williams Belief System, the WI4C2TS (“Why-4-see-2-tees”)

W — Win-Win — Or no deal

I — Integrity — Do the right thing

C — Customers — Always come first

C — Commitment — In all things

C — Communication — Seek first to understand

C — Creativity — Ideas before results

T — Teamwork — Together everyone achieves more

T — Trust — Starts with honesty

S — Success — Results through people


Preferred Property Management takes ownership of its tasks, thinks like an investor, and acts as a fiduciary to safeguard and maximize asset value.