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Owners & Real Estate Agents:

Q: As a Property Manager, what do you do for me?

A: Property Management is made up of four major components: Rent, Repairs, Bills & Expenses, and Book Keeping.

Q: As an owner, can I use my own bank account?

A: No, everything is ran through the company Trust account. We check the account daily to make sure that all checks go through and all bills are properly taken care of, and we can not properly do this if we are using your personal account.

Q: As an owner, can I get my deposit before the 15th?

A: We do strive to get your deposits to you sooner than later, but rents typically come in from the 1st to the 5th of the month and take up to 10 business days to clear. We want to make sure your funds are clear and will not bounce when you receive them.

Q: As an property manager, do you charge for repairs?

A: While many Property Managers do charge for repairs, we do not charge for them. As the owner, you only pay for the repair itself.

Q: As a Real Estate Agent, if my client wants me to find them a tenant-can I?

A: Of course, we happily work with many Real Estate Agents and understand that your client is your client. Therefore, we will act in only a Property Management role, and should your client express other real estate needs, you will be the first to know.

Q: As an owner, will you help me find a tenant ?

A: Yes, Property Management is a brokerage activity, but the process of finding a tenant is called Leasing, and we are happy to provide that you via The Results Real Estate Group.

Q: As an Property Manager, what types of properties do you manage?

A: We manage residential homes and rooms, but not commercial. Most of our portfolio is Single Family Residences but we have experience in renting out a property by Room as well.

Q: As an property manager, do you speak any other languages?

A: Yes, my team and I can communicate with people who speak English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Q: As an owner, is my employment contract with you a year long contract?

A: The employment contract between the owner and the property manager at Preferred Property Management is month to month. We are happy to be in business with you as long as you are satisfied with the work being done.


Q: As an Tenant, are pets allowed?

A: In order for us to properly discuss pets, we need you to note them on the application and once noted-we can talk about it from there. Generally, good pet owners have good pets. But every owner is different, some owners will as for more of a deposit because of your pet and others will not. Either way, it starts with a conversation.

Q: As an Tenant, are application fees charged upfront?

A: We do not charge application fees upfront, they are charged at the end of the application process and only if you are the final applicant. We feel this allows us talk to more applicants and find the best match for our property. Application fees are subject to change without notice.

Q: As an Tenant, does my bad credit or income disqualify me?

A: When we are considering a tenant, we look at the application as a whole and therefore encourage all who are interested to view the available rentals and apply with all necessary documentation if you are interested in being a tenant.

Q: As an Tenant, how much money do I need to move in to the property?

A: Total move in funds would be the first months rent, the security deposit, and application fees. All paid at once at the end of the application process. The actual move in amount varies from property to property, as every property is different.

Q: As an Tenant, in what form do my move in funds need to be in?

A: Move in funds always have to be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money order. The tenant would give the Property Manager the move in funds in exchange for possession of the home.

Q: As an Tenant, in what form does my monthly rent need to be in?

A: Rent can be sent via mail to PO Box 10005 Brea, CA 92822 in the form of Personal Checks. We request, even if there are multiple tenants in one home, that each household send one check per household for the monthly rent.

Q: As an Tenant, when is rent due?

A: Rent is due on the 1st of every month. It is technically late on the 2nd, and late fees are not charged unless received after the 5th of the month. Dates are based on the post mark date on the envelope.

Q: As an Tenant, how do I send a repair request in?

A: Repair requests are to be sent to 949-864-6982 via text. If it is possible to take a photo, we request you send a photo as well as as much information as possible. Once we receive the repair request, we will respond accordingly. Email is not an acceptable way to submit a repair request. The next step is a Work Order.

Q: As an Tenant, how do Work Orders work?

A: Once we receive a repair request, we will send out a Work Order. A text that goes out to you and the vendor with all the necessary information about who the tenant is, their contact info, the vendor, their contact info, and the scope of the repair. Once the tenant receives this, it is the responsibility of the tenant to schedule with the vendor.

Q: As an Tenant, what is your emergency line?

A: Our main line is the only form of communication, so if you are having an emergency please send a text or call the main line. Typically, for emergencies if your home is experiencing a water leak-turn off the water right away and we will get the proper professional to your home the next day.

Q: As an Tenant, how do I give notice to vacate if I plan on moving out?

A: As a tenant, you would need to give a 30 days notice to vacate. We need you to submit via mail a letter stating: Your name, your address, when you are going to vacate, and your signature. If you can include your forwarding address, that would be great-otherwise you can provide your forwarding address at a later time. This letter would need to be mailed to PO Box 10005 Brea, CA 92822.

Q: As an Tenant, is the residence going to be shown to future prospects while I am in it?

A: If we are going to continue managing and leasing the unit, and you are open to us showing the home while you reside there-we will talk about what days and times work with your schedule and be sure that your privacy is respected while you are residing there. We appreciate tenants that are willing to work with us in showing the home.

Q: As an Tenant, how and when will I receive my security deposit?

A: Once possession of the unit has been given back to Preferred Property Management, we will get your security deposit and security deposit itemization back to you at your forwarding address within 21 days.

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